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Booking a 7 night travel package category 1-5

Question asked by pluto77 on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by brightlybob

Last August, just prior to the official Marriott/Starwood merge, I ordered a 7 night travel package (category 1-5) for 250,000 points.  100,000 of those points was promptly transferred to my favorite airline, Alaska, and then a 7 night category 1-5 certificate was deposited into my account.  Since then as we all know, the redemption schedule changed.    A category 5 standard redemption jumped from 25,000/night to 35,000/night.  


When I contacted customer service this morning to ask if I could still use the certificate to book a category 5 hotel, she told me unequivocally, ‘Yes.’  Now I haven’t tried to actually attach it to a (new) category 5 hotel reservation, but am finally preparing to start planning and ultimately booking this, which is what prompted me to call customer service for clarification.  


Has as anyone else purchased a 7 night category1-5 travel package before the merge and successfully attached it to a new category 5 reservation since the merge?


Does anyone know if the peak/off-peak redemption schedule will affect using travel packages?


It’s just so difficult to trust anything that the customer support associates tell us in these confusing merge/Bonvoy times.