Misleading Annual Award Gift for Platinum Elites

Discussion created by hermes036 on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by commie

So, I just heard a final decision on my month-long inquiry concerning what I believe was grossly misleading description of my annual award gift choices offered to Platinum Elite members reaching a minimum of 50 nights. 


I opted for the 5 elite night credit award.  The offer description clearly stated that the elite nights would NOT be considered applicable toward lifetime elite nights, but it was not clear at all that they would end up being credited to my 2018 elite nights total and not 2019. 


So, a day before the February deadline to elect a choice, I called Bonvoy customer service to verify that the nights would be credited to 2019, and the rep confirmed (after putting me on hold and asking a supervisor) that they would indeed apply to my elite night total for 2019.  Lo and behold, a week later, still no sign of the credits posting....  A call back to customer service said the 5 nights credit did post - but to 2018!


After requesting a reversal of my decision during the second week of February and now waiting a total of three weeks, I learned today (after the third time contacting Bonvoy customer service) that my case inquiry was abruptly closed and no communication of a decision was ever sent to me via email nor phone call nor letter.  Even more eggregiously, Bonvoy said today that I agreed to the terms and conditions, so my, and therefore, their, decision is final.  No changes will or can be made. I asked why - if the elite night credits didn't apply toward Lifetime credits - would have I elected 5 elite night credits to apply towards a min. threshold I had just achieved in 2018 (i.e. I reached 50 night minimum nights for Platinum Elite in December, 2018).  Furthermore, they acknowledged that I was not the only customer to have called with a similar complaint, but because the terms were in writing, and the decision is final, there is no option for a correction.  


The wording and description of the annual elite night credit award as it applies to the 5 night elite night credit is seriously misleading.  Marriott - please, please correct this glaring error in your wording and customer service training so that other loyal members of the program like us are not punished for a decision we did not intend to make.