Well Done Marriott

Discussion created by dakinedude on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by mgcandfnc

So, I was really concerned last year with the buzz around how Lifetime tiers were going to be treated.  Like many I had excel spreadsheets, and forecasted my 2018 stays to try and get to a certain level by the deadline of 12/31/2018 - then waited with baited breath for the conversion and application of Lifetime status at the beginning of 2019.


As I was a loyal SPG member and also had a MR account I was concerned about how SPG members would fare against MR counterparts....At 12/31/2018 I had 877 nights and 14yrs COMBINED Platinum Elite status...90% of which was with SPG at Ambassador level for many.  And like many I was still unclear on how I was to be treated....there was a ton of online speculation and nothing I read at Marriott.com was clear enough to me.


Well - I have been traveling a lot lately, and noticed that my Tier changed to LIFETIME TITANIUM ELITE .... so it seems as if Marriott came through with their promises...as it appears I am in a tier now that will not be achievable in the future...if I read the program correctly.


So - Well done Marriott on coming through - and looking after us road warriors who support your brand above others.