Marriott disappoints top-tier elite members by not offering them targeted bonuses and promotions

Discussion created by jjyeo90 on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by fistuk

Recently I have friends who are silver members receiving targeted promotions such as double elite nights credits, yet these promotions NEVER seem to occur for myself, despite being loyal to the Marriott brand for over 5 years and being a titanium member currently. 


I reached out to Marriott via email and the customer hotline where the Marriott representatives all acknowledged my loyalty membership with Marriott but had so far been ineffective in addressing the key problem why I had not receive such promotions, nor helped to escalate the case to a manager who is able to properly account for the situation. 
My point is if the marketing department is pushing out promotions, it is ridiculous that the most loyal members with platinum/titanium status such as myself are not at the receiving end. If loyalty programme does not reward loyalty members, what for I do business with Marriott? 
Wonder if other top-tier elite members are facing the same issue? Is it due to the merger that the loyalty programme has become tremendously flawed? If it is really not benefitting for us to stay loyal to Marriott, should we all consider other programmes such as Hilton or IHG which may actually value loyal members? Or remain as a silver member seems apparently that’s the sweet spot where Marriott values you the most? 
Appreciate if any community manager is able to help with this frustrating situation too!