Middle Name Issues in Amex - Bonvoy link

Discussion created by scripterrs on Mar 6, 2019

Hi, I have been trying to get all this solved:

  • All of my banking and credit accounts use my First Name, Initial of Middle Name and Last Name
  • My Marriott Bonvoy account has my First Name, Full Middle Name and Last Name.  Unluckily, they added my Middle Name as a Last Name too.

I have been trying to link my American Express Marriott card to my Bonvoy account with no results.  Amex tells me to ask Marriott to change my name.  I tried doing it with Marriott and I'm told they can't do that as that is my full name, that Amex should do it.


Basically I'm stuck in a childish: Your fault; no, your fault.. back and forth.


Tried several ways to solve it and so far haven't been able to... anyone was dealt with something similar? Advice is greatly appreciated.