Thanks to Thomas in Sheraton Nha Trang

Discussion created by prji17 on Mar 5, 2019
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I and my wife spent our first trip to Nha Trang in Sheraton.
When we arrived at the hotel after completing the immigration check, Thomas welcomed us kindly.
I was disappointed a lot because of the smell of cigarettes in the room that was first introduced.
But since then, Thomas' response has made us feel better.
Despite the late hours, he did not frown on our complaints about the room, he listened very kindly and solved the problem.
I think that it is the staff response that has the greatest impact on the impression of the hotel.
In that sense, the response of Thomas made "Sheraton Nha trang" a memorable hotel.
Also, During my stay, he answered me kindly.
I would like to thank Thomas again.