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What does the elite line's phone menu do?

Question asked by bosyh on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by yogib

Hi, I just called in to ask about a question I have about Points Advance reservation's rate change from 60k to 85k, even though I made it before today. I selected redeem points and make a points reservation as the phone menu option.

However I still got an agent (who didn't greet me by saying thank you for being a Titanium member or this is the Titanium line or anything of the sort, so I suspect he is not a Titanium agent?) Whom has no idea today is the day that Marriott will be raising points redemption price...


In my experiences what phone menu options I had chose usually have 0 effect on the agent's ability and the agent will not have any idea in advance what I needed help with. Except maybe when I choose Marriott Bonvoy member I seem to get connected to the ACTUAL Titanium agent more?


If the phone menu does literally nothing why would Marriott keep this thing? Just give me 1 for the normal desk and 2 for the elite desk. Or even better like SPG used to do, and what US airlines do, just connect me to the elite desk!


I get Marriott would really like to keep normal members away from calling the CS, but why would you try to keep your Elite members away? Just to make ambassador status more appealing? If that is the case it certainly makes me want to switch away from Marriott more.