Customer Service put on hold only to start over

Discussion created by blubaugh on Mar 5, 2019
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What is happening???  Twice in last few days I have called new Bonvoy telephone to only be put on longest hold I have ever had with Marriott. First experience last week I presented a relatively easy question about travel package. After going thru all hoops I was put on hold. Ten minutes later a new operator answered and I had to start all over.   Put on hold again and another ten minute wait I got another yet another new operator. 


I called again today and booked a travel package. Have you ever made a transaction with Marriott and NOT got an immediate email confirmation or had your Reward points immediately reduced?  After several hours of no confirmation or reduction in points  i called again. Another repeat of first scenario. After long wait I asked my question, put on hold for long period and got a another new operator with no idea about what my issue was. 


What has happened to Marriott Customer Service. Note,I am callining the Titanium Elite telephone number.