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Question asked by sparkledust on Mar 4, 2019
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I am am looking for direction as to whom do I speak to regarding a complaint of discrimination? I experienced an invalid charge from a Residence Inn asst. manager.

I was told by a cleaner on the morning I was checking out to talk to the front desk manager. The front desk manager stated that the cleaner said that my dog had gotten something on the bed cover. I explained That she is a certified service pet and she has never caused any damage, but that I did Spill coffee on it.  That was the end of our conversation. However it was black coffee and that comes out in the wash. After leaving the hotel a final folio report showed a charge of $500.00 appeared. I called my bank and they handled my dispute and refunded me. A few days later another bill appeared with a $543.00 charge from the same hotel. The amount changed from the hotel in order to get processed. 


A hotel having a credit card on file should not give a hotel the right to inexplicably place undocumented charges or fee’s to a guest after checking out.