What Happened to the Quality?

Discussion created by brent.chamberlin on Mar 3, 2019

I understand there have been a great deal of IT issues with the merger, and a lot of concerns about the rewards program changes.  I can handle that (so far).  However, when you are dealing with all of those issues, have Hilton calling with an amazing offer to jump ship, then show up to a reasonably strong brand in the Residence Inn and show up to piles of garbage stacked in the elevator and in the halls, you have to strongly consider why you are continuing to maintain loyalty.  What the heck is happening to the brand I have long considered to be the litmus test?  Not only that...  When I contacted the front desk, I received an "ok, we have a few house keeping staff here."  No apology, or an oh my gosh, that isn't normal for us.  Get your damn *** together Marriott.  Elevator GarbageHall Trash