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Discussion created by jeffreymac on Mar 1, 2019
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Could a more long time member help me out here....


In the few years I've been with Marriott, I've NEVER had issues with points and vouchers like I've had the past month or so.  I've seen on various blogs and such that Marriott's "blackout" policy isn't worth the electronic paper it's written on.   That Marriott doesn't have blackouts, but hotels can cap rewards rooms.  Well that's splitting hairs and akin to a restaurant saying "we take coupons, but our wait staff can limit how many they will redeem"


Tried booking a room at a hotel in California - rooms available - but I can't use points.  And because I can't use points, I (obviously) lose out on the "redeem 4, 5th night free).  Aggravating part is that I can use points for nights 1-2 and 4-5, but can't for night 3.  Can we just count that as my free?  Of course not.


Ok - not happy, but (tried to) move on.  So I have another trip upcoming.  Was saving the points for the summer trip, but since I'm apparently paying cash, I'll not save the points and use them in a few week.  NOPE.   Won't redeem for that trip either.


This is on top of a hotel that won't accept my voucher for a stay on the aforementioned CA trip.  That I have to admit is probably a brand (vacation club) limitation.  


So is this new to Marriott?  I've used points with ease in the past, although only once for more than 4 nights.  But never been rejected.  Is this a sign of things to come?  Will this be like timeshare .... try exchanging your points for anything of value.  


Coupled with the credit card changes, removal of the rollover nights, higher hotel point tiers and making any sort of higher level membership, or lifetime, near un-achievable for non business users .... not sure Marriott is the program for people like me any longer.


One other thing... has anyone had an acceptable interaction via phone support (and I'm talking titanium member here)?  It really seems they don't even remotely care... and don't hide they don't.   I just get what they claim is the policy (again, several versions of it) and just expect you to wander away saying 'aw shucks'.  Or ... they tell you they'll take some sort of action, only to never be heard from again. (you'll get a call from the hotel within 5 days)


Example... as for this seemingly new rewards room caps, I literally had a phone rep tell me that "if we didn't, titanium members could get together, book the hotel for an entire month and put the hotel out of business".


This is what Marriott brass think of their members?