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The below is a report based on two visits I had to this hotel in early February:


The good:


HVAC - Worked well and ran quietly in all rooms.  We were able to keep the room temperature comfortable at all times.


Front Desk staff - Kelsey, the front office manager, is exceptional.  Everyone else is very responsive and friendly.


Beds - The beds on the concierge level and some of the beds in the regular rooms are super - exactly what you expect from a Marriott.  Some of the beds are not - read below.


The bad:


Bathrooms - They seem to have been working on a remodel of the regular (non concierge level) guest rooms but the effort doesn’t appear finished but they are already placing guests in those rooms.  Some of the updated rooms have nice new closet doors and others have no doors.  Apparently new showers have been installed and bathtubs removed.  However, when they remodeled the shower area they neglected to order shelves to hold towels or hooks to hang towels as there were no towel bars, hooks or shelves in the renovated bathroom with the exception of a single hook on the back of the door.  There is nowhere to hang the bath mat either.  If two people are using the room one of the towels can’t be hung up anywhere - so much for the “Save the Planet” placard placed in the bathroom. 


There are towel bars/shelves (and towels on top of them) in the bathroom of the concierge level rooms only.  So…I suppose having your towel on a shelf near the shower and a place for you to hang it after use is a benefit reserved for those fortunate enough to find themselves the concierge floor.


The concierge level rooms need the bathrooms refreshed.  The two concierge level rooms we were in had water leaking from the sink faucets that could not be fixed - a strategically placed washcloth was needed as water dripped all over the countertop when either faucet was used. One of the concierge level rooms had a loose escutcheon around the door handle that could result in injury if grabbed carelessly.  There are just lots of things that need sorted in the bathrooms. 


Charging Electronics - There are plentiful outlets and USB inputs in the concierge level rooms but minimal options for charging devices in the regular rooms.  There are no outlets in the night stands and only two at the desk.  There are no USB charging options.


Concierge Lounge - The chairs in the lounge are beat up badly (peeling pleather on all of them).  They all need to be replaced as they really don’t project a good image.  We did not check them all but we noticed that two of the tables in the lounge are falling apart as the legs have come loose from the table top (something that could be easily fixed).  To the hotel’s credit there was a team in the lounge working to fix the tables the morning after I pointed out the problem. 


The lounge offerings themselves are minimal in the evening.  One hot appetizer, cheese and crackers veggies and dip - also tortilla chips and salsa each night.  Nothing ever changes except the hot appetizer.  Dessert was always cookies (two or three types but never chocolate chip).  Breakfast was better as they offered sausage in addition to the scrambled eggs  (never bacon) and sautéed potato wedges. 


Mattresses - The beds in our first two rooms were comfortable.  I never felt any of my husband’s movements during the night.  Our second stay we had a room with a mattress that was far from ideal.  It was an inner spring type that was almost 4” larger than the box spring below.  It was also 5” thick at the most and not very supportive.  I could feel every movement my husband made.  If you are a larger guest you need to be careful to get a bed with the polyurethane foam “Marriott mattress” and not the thin, innerspring one.  Don’t know that I’ve ever encountered a mattress this inferior at a full service Marriott hotel.


Buffet breakfast in restaurant - The breakfast buffet in the restaurant is minimal.  The only eggs available are scrambled or hard boiled and there is no omelet station.  For other egg options it is necessary to order from the menu.  The buffet is $20 and not worth the price.  Thankfully platinum or higher get the full buffet (or one main dish from the menu) free. 


Bottom line - The hotel isn’t a good representation of the Marriott brand but it might be a fine lower tier brand - the franchisee should be evaluated by Marriott to ensure brand consistency.