40k free night certificate’s big caveat (75 nights annual choice benefit certificate)

Discussion created by halfwayaroundtheworld on Mar 1, 2019
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So I found out that I was expected to pay an extra 5k points in addition to using my up to 40k free night certificate for booking a room that costs 40k points. In a sense I was asked  to pay 45k for a room that cost 40k. Or from different view point, Marriott decided to caped the value of the certificate at 35k max. 
The reason? Because it is not a standard room, so it is considered an upgrade. Apparently, the up to 40k free night certificate is only good for standard room. The standard rooms in that hotel cost 35k. The one bedroom suites cost 40k, even 37.5k during point saver days. I thought, well, I have a certificate that is good for up to 40k, so the one bedroom suite will be the best way to maximize the use of my free night certificate. 
But when I tried to book the suite through the website,  I wasn’t given the choice to attach my 40k cert. I was given that choice though when I tried to book the standard room.
I thought it was a glitch, and I proceeded with booking the suite followed by a call to the titanium line to have my certificate attached to that reservation. But I was informed that they needed to take additional 5k points from my account if I want to use the certificate for that suite. This really doesn’t sit well with me. 
I was going to see if the community manager could help clarify this policy, but decided to check Marriott’s t&c first. And as it turns out this is written in their t&c. Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know that this rule existed and naively believed that I can use 40k cert toward any room that costs 40k or less. In my opinion it is illogical that we will be charged an extra 5k for a room that costs 40k when the certificate that we essentially use to pay for this room already worth 40k. But I suppose Marriott can make whatever rules and caveat they want. 
So take this fact into consideration when choosing your annual choice benefit. I guess it means that the certificate is only good toward a standard room up to category 5, and not for any room that costs 40k (or less ) as implied in the certificate’s description itself. Will it be good toward cat 6 standard room on an off peak season? Guess we will find out in the future...I am assuming we also won’t be able to use the cert toward any suites in lower category hotels either even when they cost less than 40k.  Technically those are not standard rooms either, are they?