Lifetime Year Accrual

Discussion created by ryan.w.scheller on Feb 12, 2019
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Last year (2018) after the conversation I was a Platinum member with 8 years as Platinum Elite. During the course of 2018, I had exactly 50 elite nights as of 20Dec2018 (just under the wire!) to renew my Platinum status for 2019 which did occur. All good so far... However as of today 12Feb2019 my Lifetime Status has still not yet incremented to 9 years as Platinum Elite. I called the rewards phone number twice (once early Jan, and once late Jan) both times the agent was very helpful and indicated it would be corrected within 48hrs; but to no avail. At this point, I'm not sure what else to do. Is there a magical date at which this accounting typically occurs? Good news; I did take a screen shot picture of my account in the app before my 50th night @ 8 years so you can see the 'before' and the lack of 'after', so to speak. Appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks!