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So, I emailed Marriott and asked why I had not been offered a promotional offer as many of my fellow co-workers/Marriott Reward members.  This is the response that I got.  So, apparently according to the Marriott representative, it was based on those making reservations directly through Marriott.com.  I do make a majority of my reservations through my work travel site but I also make many directly through Marriott.com so  I am not sure I really buy this answer.  I am a Lifetime Platinum Premier member with close to 1600 total nights.  Thoughts?


"Thank you for your email to eService.

Offers.marriott.com was specifically created for guests who have stayed at Marriott properties several times in the past two years.  In some of their stays, they booked directly (through Marriott.com or by contacting one of our properties)"