2010 thru 2019 Categories Analysis

Discussion created by pingreeman on Feb 11, 2019
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It's that time of the year - to submit my annual category/points analysis for the most recent category changes as announced recently: 2019 Category Announcement 


  • Below is a table that indicates 5,193 venues have grown to 6,846 venues since 2010.
  • Because there are now different tiers, mathematically the best way to show the overall increase in points across all tiers is to use a weighted factor. The factors for 2010 and 2019 are in the last two columns, respectively.
  • To calculate the annual factors, multiply the points tier by total percent as in this example: 7.26% X 7500 points = 544.48.
  • Using the annual factors, a grand total of points can be calculated as weighted among all the points tiers (shown in last row).
  • CONCLUSION: since 2010 points inflation across all categories is up 132.18%.


I have a lot of data so if you have some additional questions or inquiries (for example, which country saw the biggest increase in points inflation), use the pingreeman in your reply and I will do my best to pull out that data.