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6x points for hotel stay not posting

Question asked by goldeneye777300 on Feb 10, 2019


I'm hoping someone might be able to assist me as I'm pulling my hair out dealing with my bank.

Basically I have a Emirates NBD Bank - SPG Mastercard.

Programme states that it earns 6x at stays at MAR/ SPG/Ritz Hotels.

Recently I've noticed that on the monthly rewards statements that not all the hotel stays are getting the additional 3x on Hotel stays.

Last 2 weeks alone:

Jan 2019 -Sheraton Bahrain bonus added

Feb 2019- JW Marriott KL and Sheraton Danang no bonus added.


Credit card company say that they award only the 3x base rate and that any further points are awarded between 4 to 6 weeks and it is carried out by Mariott and added to my Marriott awards account.


When should the 6x be credited, at point of posting on the Credit card?


Many thanks