Williamsburg Lodge (Autograph) - A nice option

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Hadn't been back in my long-ago stomping grounds in Williamsburg (yup, that Williamsburg, Colonial Williamsburg, three-cornered hats, Jamestown Island not far away, Yorktown battlefield just up the road ... home to the College of William & Mary ... between Richmond and Norfolk Virginia) for ages.... 


Spent two (2) nights at the Lodge - one of the classic (higher end) Colonial Williamsburg properties - which, apparently, has been an Autograph for around a year.  A (very) good option if you're looking to visit "the Burg".... [Fun to stay there, because it was decidedly out of my price range/economic bracket when I lived in Williamsburg/Jamestown 35+ years ago....] 


Some thoughts and impressions:

  • SPLENDID LOCATION - a very short walk to DOG street (OK, Duke of Glochester Street, the center of the historical area) - across from the Golden Horseshoe Golf Course;
  • free underground (and also valet) parking - I don't THINK the valet is free, but we didn't ask;
  • Appears to be (very) well managed - staff was nice, helpful, responsive;
  • Very nice toiletries - branded by the associated/adjacent spa (which we did not sample);
  • Upgrade to a large, corner room (but not a suite);
    • Spacious room, with a comfortable bed, but a few nits:
    • no robes - a bit surprising for an Autograph;
    • could have used one more piece of furniture (a love seat, an ottoman, something)....
    • workable black-out blinds on two of three windows - on window three, the blackout blinds were useless on the side facing the bed - we tried using a chair and pillows, but ... we failed .. and the room never really stayed dark.
    • we needed another luggage rack or ... someplace ... to open luggage - we had two SMALL suitcases, but one spent most of the weekend on the desk (?!?!??) - c'mon, seriously, I shouldn't have to open my luggage on the floor or the bed (in such a large, nice room)...
    • the chest of drawers needed maintenance - on the edge of collapse - and I reported this to the front desk, so I'm optimistic they'll fix it.
  • Very nice (weekend) breakfast buffet - attractive, tasty, satisfying - gratis - with my Platinum coupon.
  • Slightly frustrated that it was impossible to get a cup of coffee to go before 6:30 am (which was frustrating, because I needed to do some early driving Saturday morning) - no to-go cups in the room; to-go shop in lobby not open until 6:30 ... and, well, in Colonial Williamsburg, it's not like there's a 7-11 on the corner.....
  • Lots of helpful tourist & activity information (and discounts) at check-in (although, frankly, we didn't take advantage of any of it)...

Ah, we tried two (2) terrific (higher end, pricey) restaurants - and recommend both without hesitation - reservations required for both: