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No Upgrades for Cash & Points. Is this really Marriott Policy?

Question asked by wiscfriend on Feb 9, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2019 by usualsuspect

I didn't get an answer from communitymanagers when I posted this in the discussion: Where was your last Marriott stay and were you upgraded to a Suite??? on February 2. I know everyone is probably caught up in the "Bonvoy" transition, but I'm still hoping for an answer top the question.


So I thought I would put my experience out there as a separate question and see if anyone else has encountered this, or if communitymanagers might have some thoughts on this. Here's the situation that I posted about on February 2:


At the Fairfield Inn in Wausau WI again. Checked in today using mobile check-in for two rooms: one government rate and the other cash & points.


So here's what happened: Government rate king was upgraded to a suite before I even got there. Cash & points--no upgrade. Was told by the front desk clerk that it is Marriott's policy not to give upgrades for any "cash & points" reservations. At first I misunderstood her and thought that she had said for any points reservations, but when I clarified it with her, she said it was specifically for a "cash & points" reservation. She said "cash -- no problem with an upgrade; all points--no problem with an upgrade; cash and points--no upgrade." She said "we tried to override it manually once and it just messed up someone's points."


I can't find anything like this in the T&C about Platinum room upgrades, and I sure would like to know if that is the case. Have any of you Insiders ever encountered this?


communitymanagers  do you have any info about such a situation? Any other Insider have any thoughts on this?