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Has Marriott Customer Care really gone away?!?!  Treated like dirt!

Question asked by bengel279 on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by kathynfmom

I have used/wasted over 100 hours tried to get all of my account details, alleged 'upgrade to the Plus card' benefits corrected, and to get everything straightened out.  I've written to Marriott care / rewards online (no help--all canned replies).  I have called in more than 20 times, with only one agent offered help (yet messing with my lines of accounting, so perhaps that was not so helpful).


At any rate, I only believed in the Marriott brand.  Since August, when I upgraded my Chase Marriott card and level, I've been treated worse than ever by a once world class organization.  I once only stayed at Marriotts.  Now, I'm not sure why I should continue to use Marriott.  The one manager who truly understood and was sorry and needed an hour to get back in touch with me--well, it is a few weeks later now   


I had over 80,000 points when I called in a month ago; I have 9,000 now.


I've been given conflicting guidance every single time, been told customer care doesn't exist, been told Marriott doesn't [quite frankly] care about just one person who 'isn't special.'  I've also had my Global e-cert removed, which an agent was helping me use to book a February 2019 trip.  So I have NO IDEA what is going on and this is my final plea for help.


I'm saddened that a 2 hour call is normal and ends in stress and confusion.  I hope that someone cares to read this.  Marriott used to treat everyone like a million bucks.  Now I feel cheated and misled, and I've been verbally abused more times than I can count.  Oh, and there are no 'supervisors anymore.'  


Someone please, please pretend like you care.  I do!