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Going to Iceland July 2019-All Comments Appreciated

Question asked by titaniumannforlife on Feb 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2019 by brilin

Hello Insiders.  I have reviewed all the prior posts under 'Iceland.' Wondering if anyone can contribute any info on the 2 Design hotels in Reykjavik, ION City and 101 .  Will be using points (Cat 7, 60K/night/yikes!)) and trying to avoid changing hotels during stay.   I am LTPP.


FYI, if one needs more info on DESIGN hotels, as I did, I reviewed the prior insiders link on Design hotels (Member Benefits @Design Hotels?, from itannen, May 2018)as well as checking out .  Unfortunately, it appears that the only Marriott/Bonvoy benefit is the 1000 point welcome gift, and DESIGN hotels are the only Marriott properties in Iceland.  Too bad-we are looking at a 7-10 day stay.  TIA for any help, and please update my info if incorrect.