Definition of a "STAY"

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Recently had several arguments with trying to straighten out some foreign stays. The number of night stays were off and could not understand the reasons why.


Being overseas flights come in well past midnight and depart the same to/from the US. So obviously to guarantee myself a room i book a reservation for the previous day through the date i actually fly out. This will allow me to come in at 3am on arrival and on a departure day use the room to catch a nap before checking out around 12-1am.


To me this all make sense that if i have a reservation booked from 1/25/19 through 1/30/19 i should get 5 nights. 


Like pulling teeth because on the bill it notes my DATE of arrival a day later since it was past midnight and left a day early because i checked out before midnight. Speaking to a representative as helpful as she was i couldn't explain it well enough. They just look at the dates and kept referring to the T&C's. Well i read them and nothing defines the duration or span you actually need to arrive or leave by. 


i.     A “Stay” is a stay of one or more consecutive nights at the same Participating Property by a Member who: (A) provides his/her Membership Number at the time of reservation or at check-in; (B) pays a Qualifying Rate or redeems a Points redemption Award or a promotional Award for the stay; and (C) stays in one of the reserved guest rooms. If a Member checks out of a guest room and then checks back in to a guest room at the same Participating Property within 24 hours, it will count as a single stay for purposes of calculating Stays and issuing Member benefits. A Member may only earn Points for up to three (3) guest rooms during any Stay if he/she stays in one of the reserved guest rooms and pays a Qualifying Rate or redeems a Points redemption Award or a promotional Award for all of the guest rooms.


In the end the supervisor was able to credit me the correct number, but how do you avoid this and just seems like a crazy policy. I booked the rooms, i was present and stayed in the rooms and I paid for the total number of nights. Seems straight forward.


Anyone else have these issue? Maybe my logic is off? This only happens internationally.