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2019 Status Challenge & Paid night definition

Question asked by var_vict on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by var_vict

Hello guys. Anybody starts a status match in 2019? I would like to know that 16 paid nights in 90 days Platinum status challenge still exists.


I messaged Marriott via FB but haven't got the answer regarding the Challenge and more questions as follow. Please help me out guys. What is paid night? For sure it is not award night right? I'm curious.

1. 1 night 2 rooms under different booking but under my name - will get 1 night or 2 nights?

2. 1 night at 2 different hotels (the booking may overlap each other i.e. booking#1 Jan 1-3, booking#2 Jan 2-4 - will get 1 night or 2 nights?

3. I have Marriott Vacation Club account, if I use Vacation Club points/weeks - Does it count as "paid night"? I paid it upfront actually, and even pay annual maintenance fee.


Thank you so much for all your response.