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Unfair ending to auction. What should I do?

Question asked by lauracruz on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by ks83

Hi Everyone!

I recently placed a bid on an event in LA this weekend(I'm from NJ) to attend Universal Music Group's events as well as a music session with one of my favorite artists (Zedd). I was the top bidder for 90% of the auction. During the last 30 min I was monitoring it carefully and consistently refreshed the page. The auction website also states that if someone bids within the last 5 minutes, the time will add 5 minutes more. However, someone place a bid in the last 6 seconds and when I tried to place my bid, the auction had closed. I have a video of this happening and proof I had more than enough points to win the bid. I know have a flight to LA without plans or a hotel stay that I was looking forward all week. I tried emailing customer service because the phone call was taking too long and no response. Any recommendation on what I should do or reach out to? Thanks for your help!