Annual Choice Benefits- Choose Carefully

Discussion created by r&t on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by brightlybob
Just wanted to give a "heads up."
Yesterday we selected the Suite Nights award from our “Annual Choice Benefits,” and this morning, for the first two stays we’ve tried to use them on, rewards representatives could not even accept our request. The option just wasn’t showing on their computer screen.
They said those hotels “are not allowing us to request Suite Nights,” saying it might be because:
  • They don’t have any suites available. (But the web site says they do.)
  • We didn’t book into a high-priced room for cash. (But the web site says you can use upgrades on paid, award, cash and point reservations.)
They suggested that if we called again in a few weeks, we might be able to make the request. (I’m not sure why one couldn’t request Suite Nights when making the reservation, since all it’s doing is putting you on a list that’s held until five days before your stay, when they start checking to see if a suite is available.)
Finally, we were “cut off” while talking with the second person (supposedly a manager), who chose not to call us back. So, I must assume it was intentional, since Marriott has our phone number.
At the end of the T&Cs, it does say, “In addition, Suite Night Awards are not redeemable at select Participating Properties,” which apparently leaves them the ability to arbitrarily do whatever they want. So be aware of this when selecting your annual benefits!