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Has anyone recently had mysterious bookings showing up in their Marriott account (uninitiated by you)?

Question asked by laugirl23 on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2019 by alwweb

I just received an email thanking me for booking two rooms at the Paris Marriott Opera hotel for this March - 2 rooms for 3 nights. While I’d love to visit Paris, 3 nights is a bit short given the distance I’d be traveling. And definitely not in March. When I logged into the app, the reservation was indeed there. My name was listed as the guest but it was under a credit card I didn’t recognize. I called the Platinum Premier line and they said the reservation was made today. They canceled it and had me set up a security pin on my account. They didn’t offer any insight on how this could have happened. Given the recent data breach, I’m wondering if this could be fraud-related. 


Has as anyone else experienced something similar recently?