Spring Break in Japan

Discussion created by 7 on Feb 5, 2019

So, I'm planning our spring break trip for mid-late April and I think we are going to go to Japan for 10 nights or so. I haven't figured out where all we will go, but I think we'll get the Japan Rail Pass, fly into Tokyo and then head out and spend 4 or 5 nights in other cities, probably around Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, or somewhere like that. And, then come back to Tokyo for 5 nights on points so I can get that 5th night free.


Looking at the Westin Tokyo (50k pts/night) does anyone know what the difference is between the traditional and deluxe rooms? The prices and specs look the same.


My wife really wanted to see the sakura, but it seems we'll be a little late. So, we are very open to any suggestions of places to go for the non-Tokyo part of the trip.


UPDATE: So, I've booked our flights and slightly changed our plans. We'll fly into Fukuoka and out of Tokyo 11 nights so that we don't have to double back. To maximize points, I THINK we'll stay at the Courtyard Shin-Osaka for 5 nights as a base from where we can do several day trips via the train. Then onto Tokyo where I've booked 5 nights at the RC Tokyo. Using points for both of those 5 night stays will get me 2 free nights.


I still have to find a place to stay the first night in Fukuoka or somewhere between there and Osaka.