Lifetime Platinum Premier--Not Legacy

Discussion created by novamark on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by bacon14

So, having followed the whole merger, LTP/LTPP discussion since at least August, I now have a question for those who achieved or believe they've achieved LTPP under the 750 nights plus 10 years platinum criteria.


As of last week, I had 969 nights, combined MR and SPG, roughly 1.58M or so points, and 9 years platinum, and lifetime gold. On Saturday, my 2018 Platinum (Premier Platinum Elite) year apparently posted, and I'm now at 971 nights (2 in 2019) and 10 years Platinum, and now Platinum Elite.


However, since the 10th year and all but 2 of the nights are before December 31, 2018, shouldn't I be LTPP? Is anyone else in the same situation? Am I missing something? Is there a delay?