St. Pancras extra person fees?

Discussion created by travelsprite on Feb 4, 2019
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Hello Insiders,


So I'm coming to you for help as a newbie to the site and Marriott...what is up with the "extra person fee" that seem to be endemic to the European hotels in the Marriott family?


Specifically, I just booked my family (2 adults, 1 child...four years old)into the St. Pancras for two nights in July on points.  Since we wanted to be in the Chambers Wing, I got us the Grand Junior Suite that clearly said it was 490 GBP plus 100K points.  However, when I put the reservation through it showed me 590GBP because of a 50 pounds per night "extra person fee".  


Now, these fees seem to be endemic to Marriott's international properties, but I find this ridiculous.  My 4-year-old sleeps in the bed with us at home...of course they're going to sleep in the bed with us at the hotel.  The occupancy of the room is listed as 3, so what gives? 


To compound this problem, I actually only put one child on the reservation because if I added our baby (we have 2 kids) the only option was a suite running over 2000 GBP plus points!  All my baby needs is a crib, which I can supply!  Why should anyone have to pay this kind of premium to bring children?


And why should I have to pay 200 extra pounds for my kids who will at most use a crib and sleep in existing bedding?


Anyone out there have luck getting this fee canceled?  Any help is appreciated!