So disappointed in rewards customer service.

Discussion created by dwj6211 on Feb 3, 2019
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I am truly disheartened over the steady downfall of Marriott Rewards customer service and lack of consistency.  I’ve been an elite member for 5+ years—frequently traveling for business.  


I ended 2018 just a few days shy of enough nights to become platinum elite.  I reached out to customer service and explained I have an upcoming stay of 11 nights at the beginning of 2019, and asked if there is a grace period for days already booked but the stay hadn’t been completed.  I was told this wouldn’t count but was encouraged to call and enroll in the platinum challenge.  


Subsequently I proceeded with booking a corporate room block for more than 20 rooms at a Marriott property for this week (a total of 80+ nights between all attendees), not including the 11 nights I’ll be staying at this property.   


This morning, I called customer service to enroll in the platinum challenge, and after nearly 30 minutes on hold—I was told that the platinum challenge isn’t available to me.  Why was I told otherwise? 


I am really considering cancelling my 11 night stay, as well as moving my room block to another brand.  This entire accommodation was based on me achieving platinum status.  


I’ve also attached a screen shot taken today, of my Marriott app—which to make matters shows that I need only 4 nights to achieve platinum status.  The phone representative told me that is not true.  


At this point, because of the inconsistency of messages, poor customer service, and challenges.... what I would like to have happen is that my status is changed to platinum. 


Anyone have a similar experience?