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Recommend Bangkok Athenee or JW Marriott Hotel?

Question asked by catsfan on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by anandabhairava

Celebrating wife's 60th birthday on SE Asia trip in 2 weeks.  Spending 5 nights using points for our 1st visit to Bangkok.  Reserved JW Marriott room, but have recently read unfavorable reviews, in part due to only some rooms being renovated with others outdated and in poor condition, upgrades not being offered, and local clientele frequenting lobby and guest rooms. I just earned LTPP status and attached 5 SNA's to reservation with hopes of getting upgraded to a suite.  After seeing the reviews, I noticed that the Athenee, a Luxury Collection Hotel which is ranked higher on Trip Advisor, is available for the same points.


Can anyone comment on either property or recommend one from experience?  Factors we're trying to consider are location to public transportation (both seem close to BTS stations), to sightseeing attractions, restaurants, shopping and overall area.  We're also interested in how the executive lounges compare and what the likelihood is of receiving an upgrade with our SNA's from either property.  I believe the Athenee was recently renovated, while the JW is currently undergoing renovation.  Does anyone know how the two hotels compare currently?  We've rarely stayed at SPG properties and are completely unfamiliar with any of the Luxury Collection hotels.


Lastly, does anyone ever attach SNA's to reservations at two different properties for the same dates in hopes of getting at least one SNA request fulfilled?  If we determine that the JW and Athenee are comparable, would it make sense to book both and then pick one if they offer us a suite and the other does not?  We're treading on new territory here and don't fully comprehend the process.  The JW has a same day as arrival cancellation policy and the Athenee has a 1 day prior cancellation.  So if we were to wait until 2 days prior to make our decision in hopes we'd be offered a suite by then, would there be any risks involved?  It's my understanding that in the unlikely possibility of both properties confirming our SNA's, we can cancel the reservation we don't want and the SNA's would be returned to our account.  Is this correct?  If so, would they be immediately available for other use or would it take days for them to reappear?  We have another reservation later that we'd want to apply them to.


Sorry for the lengthy post.  Appreciate your input, thanks!