Since combining accounts - stays never post, bills never emailed

Discussion created by mncnc on Jan 31, 2019
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Has anyone else seen this?


I have not had a single stay post since I combined accounts, nor have I been emailed a bill.  Three stays thus far, four more coming.  I get hard copies of my bills, so each time I've waited the ten days, then filed a missing stay request.  I get the stay recorded, but I've noticed that my dollars spent counter is still at zero.  I don't care a lot about that, I'm not going to spend $20K, but....


My last stay, yesterday, I mentioned the problem about the emails, the desk clerk verified my email and said she sent it.  No cigar.  I checked my spam folder as well.


I did call in about it and asked if it was something with my account, as a lot of you know you can tell when you have a knowledgeable agent and when you don't.  I didn't.  Her answer was that it wasn't something with my account, it was some hotels having problems with the system.  The stay I was asking about was at the JW Singapore, I've been there a lot and never had a problem, so I don't think it was that hotel.


I'll try calling again after my next unposted stay, I'd lay odds that I'll still not be seeing them, anyone else having this problem and if so would you mind telling me how you fixed it?


Thank you