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need help on look no further or best rate guaranteed policy on number of guests on reservation

Question asked by castaylorjax on Jan 30, 2019
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I have a question about the best rate  guarantee .  I recently submitted a claim , and it was approved, it was a rate for a room with breakfast included.  The claim came back with a new rate but clearly stated that the room and breakfast was for one person not two...When I looked at my reservation it was for one guest.  I guess I booked it for one guest since that seems to be the way Marriott site is set up and you must edit the reservation if there are two guests.  the room clearly states that a maximum of two people are allowed in the room.  Also the breakfast rate is for two.  So my question is am I allowed two people in the room?  I have never before paid attention to number of guests per room since it is only my spouse and myself never more than 2 people.  Since there have been so many changes to look no further program, i am unsure if this reservation will be honored if two people check in?  Anyone know the answer to this?  Thanks