Conversion from Rewards Premier to Bonvoy Premier Credit Card

Discussion created by nmballoonist on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by dougfrisk

Got an email today saying my Marriott Rewards card was being converted to the Bonvoy Premier card. I never upgraded to the Marriott Premier Plus because I valued the nights over points and wanted the 1 night/$3000 spend. I still do because I have LT Gold and I will have 9 years of Platinum Elite status and 559 night going into 2019. So I need 50 nights to get my 10 years as Platinum Elite and also go over 600 nights needed for LT Platinum.  While I likely will have the 50 nights this year without the one night/$3000 credit, I wanted to keep it “just in case” so I ensure LT Platinum before retirement in a year. 


In in any case I thought the $3000 spend credit would go away with the change.  However if I read the website right, the credit is still there. It’s a bit confusing since it says the Bonvoy Premier is no longer available to new applicants, but since it’s a conversion I don’t think I am a new applicant. See screenshots. 

So, is my logic correct or is there some fine print I have missed?  If I am right I will convert to the Bonvoy Boundless card after clearing the LT Platinum hurdle in order to earn the 6x points in the future.