Marriott Renaissance Times Square

Discussion created by jkandson on Jan 28, 2019
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My wife and I stayed at the Marriott Renaissance in Times Square on January 25 and 26 2019. We were told by friends of the wonderful bar overlooking Times Square and couldn't wait to have a drink there. After a night with friends, we stopped by the R Lounge and found it to be closed to our dissatisfaction. We ordered two martinis from the regular bar and sat down to relax.  Upon drinking the martinis, we were disappointed to find them pretty bad tasting.  I questioned the bar tender about how he made them and saw him making two others for someone else. He did not know what he was doing. His only response to me was that he would make me another but I would have to pay for all three.  We did just that.  The next day after thinking about it,we complained to the front desk. They immediately summoned the Senior F&B Operations Manager Germaine Shepherd up to the front desk.  When he arrived he could not be more apologetic and concerned for our situation. He immediately offered to deal with the bar tender and offered a reserved table at the R Lounge with complimentary martinis for us that evening. We arrived at the R Lounge after seeing a show, around 10:30 pm and just as Germaine said, our table was waiting for us right in the window facing Times Square and two martinis were on their way. They were perfect. Germaine went above and beyond to correct our issue and make us feel like he cared. Germaine should be recognized for his actions and for taking the time to talk to us and resolve our small issue. Thank you to Germaine and to Marriott for treating their customers correctly.