Elite Status - Platinum Premier Status Expiration

Discussion created by ikpx4evaz on Jan 28, 2019
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Hi all,


I have a question on when my Platinum Premier Elite Status would expire.


I qualified for Marriott Platinum status pre-merger in December 2017. I had it all throughout 2018, participated in the SPG merger in 2018, and currently still have the Marriott Platinum Premier Elite Status. Note that I did not have the qualifying nights in 2018.


I have spoken to a few Marriott customer service representatives and they all tell me my status is good through the end of 2019. Is this true? I thought status expires/resets at the end of February of each year. 


I would appreciate someone with accurate info to answer as it seems difficult to get correct and consistent answers out of Marriott customer service representatives. 


Thank you!