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Discussion created by iahflyr on Jan 28, 2019
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Looks as if the outstanding Marriott IT Department got back to work over the weekend and has found a way to increase some rates when using the Senior rate or not taking one entire American dollar off the standard rates (which is far better than raising the rate) and having a stubborn server issue yet again.  Is it me or did anyone else notice that during the government shutdown that the Marriott site seemed to function much better?  Any connection there? 


Here is a screenshot of the standard rates at some downtown Houston properties.


This is what I found with Senior rates.


And then just for added entertainment, checking on using points and ahhhhh NO.


Guess the JW doesn't want Seniors staying there nor does Marriott want any point stays so they simply give us the ole stubborn server banner!!!


Guess Hilton will get out business for this nights stay in March since it's clear Marriott is not helping out at all.


Any other of you Insiders enjoying the inability to book rooms or get special rate discounts?