Concierge Lounge on Weekends

Discussion created by jhtarheel on Jan 28, 2019
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As a Platinum Premier Elite member, I am a loyal and satisfied Marriott customer. I use the Marriott Chase credit card and stay at a Marriott whenever I have a choice. A significant portion of my stays in the nicer Marriott locations occur over weekends and many of these locations close their concierge lounges from Friday evening until Sunday evening or Monday morning. I do receive free breakfast coupons whenever this is the case, and that is a nice perk, but it's not quite the same value. As a member with the status that I have earned, I am missing out on one of the key perks of the program, just because some of my travels fall on weekends instead of "business days." Marriott, and/or it's specific hotel operators need to rethink this and stop discriminating against those of who often travel on weekends. Regardless of how I earned my nights and points, I earned them, and I should be able to experience all of the same perks as more traditional "business travelers."


Specifically, this weekend, my family traveled to Newport News, VA and stayed in the Marriott at City Center - a beautiful and comfortable hotel. We had a great breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings, but were not able to visit the lounge Friday or Saturday evenings or any other time during our stay. Likewise, I have stayed at the Raleigh Marriott at City Center a number of times with the same experience, as well as the Mayflower in Washington DC. However, the Ritz Carlton in downtown Atlanta keeps their lounge open all weekend, as have a couple other Marriott hotels I have stayed at in other locations. 


Please consider honoring this perk for your most loyal members, regardless of the day of week that we travel.


Jason Thomas