Walk on the Wild Side

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(cue: Lou Reed)


I do a fair amount of local mattress running, and have been in the frequent travel game for many years. So, was taken aback to see a rate well over $800 for the local AC tonight; having stayed there before, I'd say their rooms are "worth" $200 max. They are Cat 4, so taking that bizarre number management felt it could put out there as a dare, I booked the night via my "old" credit card Cat 5 max cert!


Nerve-wracking seeing I'd be on the hook for a grand if anything happened, but here I am. Turned out there's a cheerleader competition taking up local space, though other hotels didn't hike their rates that much, with the check-in clerk admitting they aren't completely full.


Don't know if it's property-specific or a chain reaction to the dissatisfaction with the $10 not covering breakfast entirely, but was pleased to be offered either a $10 "evening" (bar) credit OR a full breakfast without co-pay!


I know I probably could have used the cc cert later towards a room as much as $200 and stated elsewhere today, but what's life without some adventure?