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Does a Platinum year get downgraded to Gold for lifetime status?

Question asked by goodlifedoc on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by ks83

I have an unusually busy traveling year this year (100 nights), and am going to get platinum status. I was silver Elite the past two years. I'm slightly disappointed that I'm staying at an Element property as I only get 5 points per dollar instead of 10, but work won't let me change that. 


I really have no chance of achieving lifetime platinum so I'm not pursuing that. My goal is to get lifetime gold elite, so I'm going to sign up for the SPG luxury AMEX and use that for at least 7 years. I'm assuming this first year will count as one of the 7 years I need for Gold Lifetime, even though it is technically a platinum year. Essentially I'm asking if my platinum status will get downgraded to count as a gold year for lifetime status.