The Slow Saunter Toward Lifetime Platinum

Discussion created by ella31 on Jan 23, 2019
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Last year, many of us were racing to make LT Gold or LT Platinum under the legacy requirements, to be converted to LT Platinum and LT Platinum Premier, respectively. This thread is for those who did not make LT Gold under the legacy requirements last year, and are now on to Plan B.


I was one of the ones that did not make my goal of LT Gold (to be converted to LT Platinum). I tried hard, but could not get there without Marriott counting merged SPG points and transferred points. But the good news is that in the attempt, I amassed a lot of points, particularly from a couple of big credit card sign on bonuses. So I ended the year with more than 400K points in my account.


So it is now on to Plan B: Making LT Platinum through the new requirements.


My status: According to Marriott, right now I have more than 650 LT nights, so that is covered, but only 8 years of Platinum status, so I need two more years. (I never kept track of my status years, as this didn't used to matter for MR, so I am not sure if the 8 years is right or not - if it is not, I hope they don't correct it!)


Getting the two years is not a no-brainer because I have almost no business travel these days. But I think I can do it with relatively little spending with a combination of: 1) the 15 annual credit card EQNs; 2) about 10 additional EQNs from credit card spend, assuming the old Chase MR card does not eliminate this benefit (yes, I held onto the old card for just this reason); 3) lots of redemption nights from the 400K points I amassed last year; and 4) 10 EQNs from an event, should I need them (thanks to o0o0o0o0o0o...points! and others for this tip!)


Anyone else in this situation of trying to regroup after last year's failure? vickiinvirginia, did you make it last year?