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Urgent: Need Assistance- Wedding Double Booked by Marriott

Question asked by nikkikish on Jan 21, 2019
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I booked an event space (ballroom) at a Marriott almost 1 year ago for my wedding. I was recently informed (12 weeks before the wedding) that the ballroom is double booked and they have determined the space will be provided to a corporate event that booked rather than to us. We understand that these kinds of mistakes can occur however were hoping the hotel would work with us to relocate our wedding to another location. The hotel has shown an inability to help us with the situation and what is more disappointing is that they have expressed many cultural insensitivities throughout the process. We are hoping someone can help direct us to who this may be escalated to as we would like the mistake rectified in a timely manner. Our wedding is now approximately 10 weeks away.  Any help would be appreciated.