An Adventure I hope I enjoy

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My wife and I rent in Venice Florida for February, March and half of April.  I drive down and she flies down about a week later. What we have done is book a stay at some Marriott for a week utilizing a previous purchased 5 night E-Certificate Stay.  This year we are staying 5 nights at Residence Inn in Pompano (yes on the East Coast) which is right on the beach.  Our game plan was for me to leave this Monday and I am still plan on doing it. Here is the unknown. I live in the Boston area and we are expecting a major snow storm Saturday night into Sunday with freezing temperatures once the storm leaves the area. I am still hopeful that I will be able to leave on Monday and if the timing is correct I should be okay. The good thing about leaving on Monday is that it is Martin Luther King Holiday and schools will be closed along many businesses. Since I am pretty much traveling Interstate Roads, I am hopeful that they will be clear and with lighter traffic (hopefully) I will be able to make my stop which is Fredericksburg, Virginia.  I have a reservation at a Towne Place Suite. If I make it there on Monday, then I will have 4 days to make it down to the Pompano area and pick up my wife when she flies into Fort Lauderdale.  I will make 3 additional stops, have not booked anything yet and I am considering taking a long detour to Kitty Hawk to see the Wright Brothers Monument and Memorial. If I do go to Kitty Hawk, my destination from there would be Florence, South Carolina. The unknow about going to Kitty Hawk is I not sure what I can see with the current Government Shutdown. If I do go there and I will just tour the area, take a few pictures and head back on to my travels. I will post an update.