Trouble booking award travel online today

Discussion created by brickenj on Jan 18, 2019
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I wonder if this is a website issue, program issue, hotels in Spain issue, or a user issue (meaning me, haha), but I'm having a dickens of a time booking reward travel today! First, I tried to book a 2-night stay at the Eugenia de Montijo in Toledo from May 24-26, which returned no availability. I changed to flexible dates and saw I could book a 2-night stay checking in on the 25th. I figured, ok, I'll pay for the 24th and use points for the 25th, but when I changed to a 1-night redemption, the 25th disappeared. So, I called the PP line and the agent was also unable to book it! She called the property and they will email me "after the weekend." 


So then I turned my attention to another stop on our vacation - San Sebastian - where I attempted to book 2 nights at teh Hotel Maria Christina (Luxury Collection). Search results showed a rate of 60k/night, but when I click through I get an error message stating that the property is not booking reward stays "at this time." So, back on the phone with the PP desk and the agent says...wait for it...he sees the available room as well, but is unable to book. He called the hotel and they don't know why and can't do anything about it until "after the weekend." 


I'm pretty frustrated and confused. Any advice, vets?