Marriott's Increasingly "Poor" Customer Service

Discussion created by prnsesmaldonia on Jan 17, 2019

I have been a Marriott Loyal for years.  I sang their praises and talked to family and friends about the benefits and the wonderful customer service - hands down -I felt we were a good fit for the Marriott Rewards program....... And then the  merger happened.  I get the stress of it all. I think we have all had to deal with things that were not normal but all willing to continue to push through.  But really I don't know if I have ever witnessed such incompetency as a President CEO of a company that I founded and a past elected official I understand pressure. I also understand what it takes to make things happen with dedication and commitment.  But this situation really pushed me to the brink and I was shocked because if I could have I would have cashed in my points and just moved on....I was DONE.

Towards the end of the merger I decided to purchase what I thought would be my last travel package - a level 5 for 5 days with 110,000 airline miles.  This was all I could afford to do and that took transferring points from my husbands account.  I made a reservation and all was set.  Just hours before deadline and all was done - we now just waited to see how all this was going to shake out. 

Fast forward to about a week ago I had almost forgot that I had this certificate call Marriott and spoke to someone regarding my options and he told me that he could put the points back in my account....all 235,000 of them (I think) at any rate i was good with that as I really had not given it much thought lately...MY FIRST BIG MISTAKE.  So several days later I realized the points did not transfer but the reservation was gone and no I started looking all over for it and finally there it was in the section with certificates so I called back and was told that yes the certificate was still available but 1) I could not upgrade 2)nor have points put back into my account 3)and I would have to wait until the certificate was about to expire to make another reservation....So I made some time on my schedule to nail this down and figure out all my I did not want to wait until days before it expires to find there was Nothing I could do.

First I called the MVC since this was a 5 day certificate and they were unable to help as they had not been given any instructions on the travel packages as of yet but she would transfer me to the rewards department.  

I once again shared with this new person all that had happened and shared with her what I wanted to do. She was unable to help me as well so she put me on hold for the "elite Supervisor" whose name she would not give me but whose atrocious behavior I will never forget.  Snapping right from the start so I have no idea if the previous person had said some negative ( I was on hold for probably 15 - 25 minutes or more before "elite Supervisor" came on the phone.

I could tell from the instant that she had arrived to battle.  So I explained the situation with her intermittently making negative comments and finally "Are You done?" her voice elevated, she was angry and was basically putting me in my place as she said "I have reviewed your account and you obviously know the rules of travel packages as I see you have used them on many occasions" I went to say something and she said "it is my turn now so I'd appreciate it if you will let me talk" and she went down the list of 1) I could not get point put back into my account " Marriott has already given you 225,000 points that was transferred to your airline for which you have already used" I was utterly appalled that she would try to blame me for a Marriott policy I thought as a reward member this was perfectly legal to do.

I could not upgrade, I could not extend (so now I cannot extend) and in fact  if I did cancel now the only thing I would get was 10,000 Marriott reward points and further more the certificate was now NOT a category 5 but a 4. at the end of her rant I told her to tell corporate that I have been a Marriott Loyal for many years and I now have no faith in this company that if this is what they want from their "elite Supervisor's I was done..... She finally took a breath and began to walk back some of what she said but I have Never felt so angry in all my life - her attitude was one that she should be fired over.  

After looking at the many many many comments from others regarding this same time of behavior I have decided that the famous quote from Maya Angelo " When someone shows you who they are - BELIEVE IT!!" For this many complaints and for ms. Elite Supervisor to think that her attitude was OK behavior I believe this to be a deep problem within our beloved company.  I was always told that customer service was at the heart of a good company but clearly if Marriott condones this behavior this is deeply disturbing.  I don't know of any other company that I continue to do business with allows this behavior.  

I gave my self a cooling off period and several days later I called and spoke to Ms. Erica who literally saved the day for me.  She was not only pleasant but she was incredibly positive and listened to me with amazing problem solving skills and literally knew her stuff.  So I will trust her because it was clear she know what she was referring to reading from the rules and making appropriate references to information I had heard previously.  It was not until the end did I share the previous nightmare.  So I know there is a shred of hope - I just hope Marriott knows there are some in their company they need to retire they are incapable of learning good customer service. 

I would love to hear from others and "Poor Customer Service nightmares"