Awful Support after Suffering Second Degree Burns at a Marriott Property

Discussion created by rydsmith on Jan 18, 2019
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I am a PPE Member with over 200 nights stayed last year only missed the Ambassador spend amount by a very small amount last year. I have been what I feel is extremely loyal to Marriott and its company, having used the Ritz card as my main form of payment for all purchases for several years and almost exclusively staying at Marriott properties for work.


While staying at their property at the TownePlace Suites Lexington Keeeneland/Airport I experienced second degree burns from their faulty cooking equipment.I was cooking in the hotel room and heard a large pop sound when cooking the veggie crumbles. Thinking that they pot needed more water for the crumbles I grabbed the handle of the pot; boy was I wrong. The large pop noise that I heard came from the melting plastic/rubber of the handle of the pot while it was on the stove thus resulting in me directly grabbing the melting area with my bare hand. Within minutes I could feel the intense burn and within an hour the blisters began to form on my hand. The next day after using copious amounts of cooling pads, bandages, burn spray, and ice packs my hand was extremely blistered and burned.


The hotel took an extremely long time responding to my concerns and problems arising from the burns. I repeatedly went to the front desk to talk to the manager and could not get a hold of him, only after posting on Twitter (with pictures of the burn damaged hand) about the incident and filing a BBB complaint did I get a reply from the location's owner and a large amount of apologies for the delay in response. Due to the fact that there was damage done, it was sent it to their insurance company. The insurance company took even longer and after over three months I received a letter in the mail that they would offer me nothing outside the $40 or so needed for the bandages from the burns.To put it in perspective I could barely use my hand at all for over a week due to the pain from the moving it and making the blisters pop. I now have some slight (though still clear to see) permanent burn marks on my dominant hand.


To call this a slap in the face would be an understatement. As stated before, I have stayed at Marriott properties for over 200 nights last year with well over $15,000 spent at the properties. I have amassed well over a million points and have been a loyal customer to them even when properties have fallen well below what should be even the lowest of expectations when spending over $150 a night. The fact that the only response I received from Marriott and their insurance company after several months was that of “too bad, so sad” is extremely disheartening.


I cannot begin to fathom how that fits into their company’s Golden Rule Mission Statement. The poor service I received from Marriott until I complained on social media (via Twitter) with posted pictures of the burns and then the abysmal response I received when working with the insurance company is truly unacceptable.


I am not sure how standards have slipped so dramatically on a brand I once admired but it appears the Golden Rule for Marriott has become “do unto shareholders as their wallets do unto you.” #GoldenRule