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When will my PPE expire?

Question asked by smreid on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by arizonatag

Hi all


I'm hoping someone can advise.  Last April as a MR GE member I decided to take the Platinum challenge and was told I had until the end of August to complete 9 stays to get PE status until Feb 2020.  I had made 6 stays by early august and at some point my status changed from GE to PE.  I assumed this was because of the SPG merger and carried on with the challenge completing the 9 stays by August 31st.  After this my status changed to PPE, happy days.  Am I right in saying I should be PPE until Feb 2020 now? Also, is there anyone here that can check that for me or will I need to call?


I am looking to book a few prepaid stays for later in the year and don't want to book if there is a chance I will lose my PPE status in Feb this year.


Thanks in advance