Extreme Points Devaluation

Discussion created by platinumforever on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by sascphlounge

Am I the only one to notice that while Marriott brags about not upping the award classification of the majority of hotels, they have increased the points needed per award night by 25% in most cases?  A cat 4 used to cost 20k points; now it's 25k.  I have earned over 3 million points and was saving 1/2 of them for retirement.  While, before, they represented a few significant vacations, they don't represent much at all any more. 


In addition, award nights are now not completely free, with many properties (resorts and basically any property that asks) a resort or "destination fee."  I just booked a couple of nights in NYC.  They had a destination fee attached.


I am so displeased and frustrated.  I put all my eggs in the Marriott basket years ago.  I wish now I had at least spent 1/2 my nights at Hilton.