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Marriott/SPG Merge "Code Error" Took Away 120 Lifetime nights!  Anyone else have this issue?

Question asked by mrm on Jan 17, 2019

Hi all,


I'm one step closer to becoming a Bonvoyager as I've finally had enough of Marriott.  IMHO this program has gone way downhill since the merge.  I've been a dedicated long time customer for both Marriott and SPG but I can't believe my lifetime nights still isn't corrected from the August merge.  I've been wasting my time emailing and calling their Loyaly Program services for over a month now about how 120 Lifetime nights magically disappeared from my account in December.  Even took a picture back in September post merge to prove how many lifetime nights I had in my account but instead all i get is a roundabout of transferred calls and this cold response:


"Please be aware that on August 18 when we started unifying our loyalty programs by migrating member information to our new system. During that process, a code error accidentally double counted 2018 Elite Night Credits in the members Current Night counter and Lifetime Night counter.  In order to correct the code error, it was necessary to deduct the duplicate nights from the Members Lifetime Night Counter.  The Member's Current Night counter and Lifetime Night counter will continue to increment as new stays post to the account.


I hope that you have a great time in [city] "


Has any one else experienced this issue?  I remember the good old Marrriott/SPG days where they would bend over backwards to make sure you were satisfied.  Now Marriott really doesn't care.  So thats how to drive your elite customers away to your competitors.