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Marriott Rewards Visa Question

Question asked by cdavidbarber on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by arizonatag

For many years, I had a number a Marriott Rewards Visa.  As it was close to expiring, I got an email about "upgrading."  I followed through on it.  Since I have had it, I have noticed I am no longer getting a night credit for a every 3,000 dollars spent.  Upon talking to several people, apparently I moved to a card that doesn't give nights credit for dolars spent?  If this is the case, I absolutely had no idea this change would be happening.  Can anyone help me?  I believe this change was not evident to me and I would like to see about reverting to my previous card if there is this difference.  Please help me as I feel like it seems I am victim of a bait and switch.